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Company Information and Contact Information :

Curtis Products Group
889 76th St Unit 19
Byron Center, MI, 49315

Phone : 616-914-6970
E-mail Tom at : tom@curtisproductsgroup.com

Hours 8 AM - 5 PM Eastern Time Monday - Friday


Frequantly Asked Questions

Where do I send my artwork?

Please send your artwork to tom@customengravinginc.com
A proof will be emailed to you for your approval. 
See artwork requirements here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards as well as cashier’s checks, money orders and church checks.  Please note that if paying by check, your order will not be processed until we have received the check and it has cleared the bank.

When and how will I receive an invoice/receipt?

You will receive an invoice by e-mail when your order is shipped.

Will I have to assemble my podium?

No.  All of our podiums are fully assembled.

How much is shipping?

There are two standard shipping costs:
$149 for 24", 28" and 32" Podiums, Communion and Pedestal Style Tables.
$199 for 36" and 48" Podiums.
Shipping on multiple items or other products will be quoted.  International shipping will be quoted.

Will I be notified before my order is delivered?

All of our podiums and communion tables are shipped truck line.  The shipping company will call you prior to delivery to schedule a time to meet with you.  Please make sure that someone who is capable of moving the item inside is there to accept delivery.  Inside delivery is available for an additional fee.

If my product is damaged during shipping, will you replace the product?

Yes, we replace products damaged in shipping. If your product is damaged or you would like more information on our replacement policy, please contact us.

Can I choose custom acrylic or wood colors?

Yes. We have six standard acrylic colors  and three standard wood colors that you can choose from.

Glass Color


    Walnut (Left) - Golden Oak (Center) - Black Cherry (Right)

Don't see what you like? We match colors and will work with you to create custom products. Please see Customer Service for contact information.


Artwork Requirements

E-mail your artwork to tom@customengravinginc.com

Below are the requirements we have pertaining to artwork and how it should be supplied.

Electronic Art:
Custom Engraving prefers to use vector based art files like .eps, .cdr or .ai files created in programs like CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator without any embedded images. For best results provide vector art without hidden lines whenever possible.
Custom Engraving will accept art in the following file formats:

CorelDRAW files:
• CorelDRAW 12 or prior versions
• Convert your text to curves. Once the text is converted we will not be able to change the text!

Vector .eps files:
• We can import vector .eps files (We do not want bitmap .eps files)
In order to do so you need to:
1. Convert text to outlines.
2. Save or export as a .eps for a pc.

Adobe Illustrator files:
• We can import Adobe Illustrator files into CorelDRAW for our use.
In order to do so you need to:
1. Convert text to outlines.
2. Save as Illustrator 7 for a pc with an .ai file extension.

TIF images:
• We can accept TIF images
• Make sure the file is Black & White Line art at 300 dpi
• The image needs to be the size it will be in the final product or larger but not smaller.
• Files that are saved in this format are limited to how they can be manipulated.

BMP files:
• We can accept BMP images
• Follow same guidelines as TIF images

For all electronic files…
• Please send a composite print-out of your artwork for verification purposes.
• If the art is black & white you may fax it to 616-878-5733 for verification purposes only.
Faxes are not acceptable forms of camera ready art!

We accept electronic art on the following:
• E-Mail
You may e-mail your artwork as an attachment to art@engravingjobshop.com Please be sure to reference what your artwork is for in the subject of your e-mail. Always feel free to call with questions concerning your artwork. It is the goal of Custom Engraving to make it as simple as possible for you the customer.

Non-Electronic Art:
Custom Engraving prefers Camera Ready Art Supplied on CLEAN WHITE PAPER. If you do not have an electronic file.

"Camera Ready Art" is…
• Black and white line art
• Crisp clear lines (no faxes please!)
• We prefer no halftones (Our art department must approve all halftones!)

Custom Engraving Can Help Your Art!
Often we can make your non-camera ready art acceptable with a little work in our Art Department. Custom Engraving can…
• Re-typeset new information
• Clean-up existing art
• Create new art for use as logos or other placed graphics

Please talk with your sales representative after the Art Department has a chance to review your artwork needs for a quote.

CurtisProductsGroup Inc., 889 76th Street SW, Unit 19, Byron Center, MI, 49315 USA (616) 914-6970

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